Daily care of the horses is done by Leen Vanderwegen, a veterinarian specialized in horses who is working with the parelli method (natural horsemanship) for over 25 years.

Our horses live as natural as possible in the field, in small groupes, 24/7 outside. This makes our pension the ideal place for horses who have been traumatized, older horses and younger horses.

We are an alternative if you don’t want to stall your horses on a busy manege where he/she either stands in a stall or in a huge group with others. We are a private stable, so it is very calm here.  Every horse is monitored and approached as a unique individual, we also make sure that they have ‘a friend’ on the field. When it happens that the friendship is over or a horse is not fitting in in a group, we change the group so that all the horses can live happily.

This is the best guarantee that your horse stays fit, physically AND mentally.

Our pastures are located in different places and we use a rotation system to divide the horses. Some of the pastures are near the woods, others near natural parcs. This gives you the possibility to go on a hike for a whole day on which you hardly have to cross a paved way.

 If you have a problem with the relation between you and your horse, we are happy to help 🙂

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