Ushuaia Sterrebornehof Fly Z

Ushuaia was born on 14/04/2022, she is a daughter of Utah van Erpekom. Ushuaia is a long legged, coloured filly. She is very well marked, is very chic and has a lot of potential for jumping and breeding.

She has some amazing jumping horses in her family. She is a full sister to Ultimate Fly Z, Ulahoop Fly Z and Umbracle Fly Z. Umbracle is an approved stallion. Her mother, Ability, has an impressive damline, her brother is Seacoast Wonderful. An approved stallion and ISJ 1.60. Ability is a sister of the ISJ 1.40 mare Clintinity. She had competed in the 4 and 5 year old jumping classes. Her mother has produced 2 approved stallions, one of them jumping at ISJ 1.35 an the other, who is a full sibling of Ushuaia, will start the YH yo soon.

Utah van Erpekom, Ushuaia’s father, is the best tobiano jumper ever. With his rider, John Whitaker, he has won several ISJ 1.60 5*. He also has a record of great foals.

Color genetics: EE / AA / Tt – Ushuaia is homozygous agouti and extension, heterozygous tobiano: she will only produce bay based foals and has a fifty percent chance to pass the tobiano.

Naam: Ushuaia Sterrebornehof Fly Z

Geslacht: Merrie

Geboren op: 14/04/2022

Leeftijd: 1 jaar

Vader: Utah van Erpekom

Moeder: Ability Z

Kleur: homozygous agouti, heterozygous tobiano